Porcelain drinks serving

Cups and saucers, teapots and milk jugs are in this section.
Description Code Price Qty
Porcelain Cream Jug CRP011 £0.39
Porcelain Coffee Pot CRP027 £1.43
Porcelain Sugar Bowl CRP010 £0.39
Porcelain Saucer for Tea Cup CRP009 £0.18
Porcelain Tea Cup CRP008 £0.18
Porcelain Saucer for Espresso Cup CRP019 £0.18
Porcelain Mug CRP030 £0.22
Porcelain Espresso (Demi-Tasse) Cup CRP016 £0.18
Porcelain Milk Jug CRP012 £0.50
Porcelain Tea Pot CRP014 £1.65