Calling all caterers

Are you new to catering and looking to expand?

Are you unwilling to commit to buying catering equipment becauase you have storage issues?

Or are you an established caterer looking for a better standard of catering equipment?

Let us take some of the strain for you, delivering all the equipment you need, table-ready with no need to wash-up afterwards. You can then concentrate on serving top quality food, confident that it will look and taste wonderful.

Please telephone us and ask to speak to Gary to discuss your requirements.

Crockery Hire

Our plain white fine porcelain plates and bowls make presenting your food elegantly so much easier. We also have a small amount of fine plain white bone china- please contact us for details of prices and availability.

Our crockery is delivered to you sealed in polythene and in lidded boxes. After use just scrape the plates and return to the provided boxes with no rinsing required.
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Plates and bowls

6" plates are used as side plates, 8" plates for starter and dessert. 9.5" plates are useful for buffets or as larger starter/dessert plates if using 12" plates for mains. Dinner plates are usually 10.5" but some people prefer to use 12" plates.
Our wide-rimmed soup plates can also be used for puddings.
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Porcelain drinks serving

Cups and saucers, teapots and milk jugs are in this section.
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Porcelain food serving plates

Large round and rectangular plates are to be found here. More serving plates and platters are to be found in the food serving section of Misc
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Porcelain serving bowls and dishes

Vegetable dishes and smaller serving bowls are in this section along with ramekins and pie dishes. More serving bowls and dishes are found in the misc section under food serving
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Sauce and Condiments serving

Here you will find Salt and Pepper dispensers and jugs for sauce and gravy serving