Calling all caterers

Are you new to catering and looking to expand?

Are you unwilling to commit to buying catering equipment becauase you have storage issues?

Or are you an established caterer looking for a better standard of catering equipment?

Let us take some of the strain for you, delivering all the equipment you need, table-ready with no need to wash-up afterwards. You can then concentrate on serving top quality food, confident that it will look and taste wonderful.

Please telephone us and ask to speak to Gary to discuss your requirements.

Glasses Hire

We offer a range of crystal wine, water and champagne glasses as these add an unparalled finesse to your table. Beer and soft drink glasses are available in standard glass. Jugs are available in a range of styles to suit your taste.
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Crystal Wine and Champagne Glasses

Our wine and champagne glasses are plain Italian crystal and add an unmistakable sparkle of quality to your table.
They are fine-rimmed yet strong.
Every glass is hand-polished and table ready.
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Other Crystal Glasses

Here are a selection of Crystal glasses for water and for after dinner treats.
The whisky glasses can also be used as small water glasses or for fruit juice. 
Some people like to serve puddings in martini glasses, but we also have glass stemmed sundae dishes in the misc section.
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Other Standard Glasses

Here you will find standard port, brandy  and shot glasses.
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Standard Hi Ball and Beer Glasses

Hi Balls can be used for water,soft drinks or beer.
12 oz Hi Balls can also be used for serving Pimms.
Pimms jugs are found in the Water Jugs and Decanters section.
Beer glasses come in both Sleever and Pilsner styles.
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Water Jugs and Decanters

We offer three types of water jugs to suit different table settings.
Our Water Pitchers although not crystal complement our crystal glasses range.
Our Bistro Jugs and Water Jugs are also ideal for serving Pimms.
Our Decanters are plain Italian Crystal and match our Crystal Wine Glasses.