Porcelain serving bowls and dishes

Vegetable dishes and smaller serving bowls are in this section along with ramekins and pie dishes. More serving bowls and dishes are found in the misc section under food serving
Description Code Price Qty
Porcelain Round Pie Dish CRP031 £0.58
Porcelain Oval Pie Dish CRP029 £0.58
Porcelain Dipping Pot CRP023 £0.26
Porcelain Open Vegetable Dish CRP015 £1.43
Porcelain 2" Ramekin MIS020 £0.30
Porcelain 3.5" Ramekin MIS043 £0.30
Porcelain 2-section Serving Dish CRP020 £1.43
Porcelain Salad Bowl CRP0281 £1.43