Hot Drinks Serving and Preparing

Cafetieres, coffee percolators and electric and gas water boilers are found here.
Description Code Price Qty
Cafetiere 10-12 Cups MIS010 £2.20
Coffee Pot Stainless Steel MIS002 £1.54
Electric Water Boiler MIS005 £13.20
Coffee Vacuum Flask MIS001 £1.43
Large Insulated Drinks Dispenser MIS058 £13.20
Cafetiere 8-10 Cups MIS009 £2.20
Large Pump action Thermos MIS059 £3.63
Coffee Percolator 80-100 Cups MIS011 £17.60
Gas Urn including Gas MIS046 £28.05
Large Stainless Steel Teapot MIS019 £3.30

Please note all prices are ex VAT